Create GS1 compliant SSCC labels using our new online tool

Complete the template fields below to generate your pallet label as a PDF in either A4 or A5 portrait formats.
For any queries please refer to our SSCC label FAQ on this page.

Company Details

GS1 Global Company Prefix
Next SSCC Serial No.
Company (line 1)
Company (line 2)
City + Postcode
The GS1 Global Company Prefix (GCP) is part of the SSCC. The registered company, street and city will appear on the logistics label.

Product Details

Trade item description of the trade item
GTIN of the trade item
Quantity of trade items
Batch/Lot *
* Batch/Lot input is optional. Your batch number/lot number with a maximum length of 6 alphanumeric characters. You must not use the following characters (extract): @, \, [, ], ä, ö, ü, Ä, Ö, Ü, ß, ?, #, space.

Label Size

Size of the label
For each logistics unit two labels (with an identical SSCC) will be printed.
Two DIN A5 labels will be printed in landscape orientation on one DIN A4 sheet.